Class com.innocuo.log.buffers.TestBuffer

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This is a test buffer. It stores log messages in an internal buffer you can publish them to the flash IDE output window when you use flush()

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new TestBuffer()
clear(), flush(), log()

Constructor Detail


function TestBuffer()

creates and initializes the internal buffer

Method Detail


public function log(evtObj:Object):Void

processes the log message and stores the output in the internal buffer

Specified By

log() in com.innocuo.log.buffers.LaoBuffer


public function flush(evtObj:Object):Void

publishes the internal buffer's content to the output window. If there's LaoLogger that has the buffer registered, and has a autoFlush greater than 0, it will call this method (via an event) automatically

Specified By

flush() in com.innocuo.log.buffers.LaoBuffer


public function clear(evtObj:Object):Void

clears the internal buffer

Specified By

clear() in com.innocuo.log.buffers.LaoBuffer