Class com.innocuo.log.LaoLoggerController


By using this class, you can get a single instance of a LaoLogger for each logger name you provide. It'll also create a default TraceBuffer for each LaoLogger you get from this class this class shouldn't be instantiated


var myLogger:LaoLogger=LaoLoggerController.getLogger("mylog1");

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getLogger(), gL()

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static public function getLogger(quid:String):LaoLogger

Returns a reference of a LaoLogger This class check if the name specified in the quid parameter already exists. If it does, a reference to is is returned. If not, the LaoLogger is created and the reference is created.


quidthe name of the logger. If you don't specify a quid, the default is used (the default name is the name of the .swf file.


static public function gL(quid:String):LaoLogger

This is a shortcut for the getLogger function

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